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Alina Köchling, M.Sc.


Research associate

Alina Köchling, M.Sc.

Building 24.31
Floor/Room 00.33
Universitätsstraße 1 
40225 Düsseldorf 
Tel.+49 (0) 211  81-10193


Academic education:

  • 04/17-03/19 Master's Degree in Economics at the University of Rostock with focus on Human Resource Management and Marketing 
  • 07/15-12/15 Semester abroad at Flinders University of South Australia, Adelaide 
  • 10/13-09/16 Bachelor studies at the University of Paderborn 


  • Köchling, A. & Riazy, S.  (2019).  Fluch oder Segen? Big Data und Learning Analytics im Lernkontext. weiter bilden,  (4) , 17–20. 
  • Köchling, A.; Riazy, S.; Wehner, M. C.; Simbeck, K. (forthcoming): Highly Accurate, but still Discriminatory: A Fairness Evaluation of Algorithmic Video Analysis in the Recruitment Context. Business & Information Systems Engineering [ehemals Wirtschaftsinformatik].
  • Köchling, A. & Wehner, M. C. (forthcoming): Discriminated by an Algorithm: A Systematic Review of Discrimination and Fairness by Algorithmic Decision-Making in the Context of HR Recruitment and HR Development. Business Research.


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